Developed out of necessity

The Diamante Carbon Standard (DCS) is a new, more stringent standard for carbon credits that exceeds existing guidelines and standards around the world by integrating comprehensive environmental requirements equivalent to the most stringent environmental regulatory systems in the world, as well as socioeconomic, diversity, equity, and inclusion requirements. Previously existing standards have ignored or improperly accounted for historically positive environmental activities, such as large investment and implementation of renewable energy. Countries and regions who have made great strides towards de-carbonization have been left out of the carbon credit conversation.

The DCS was created by members of the Terra Assets Foundation, to provide a combination of guidelines, requirements, and technology solutions to streamline the Project validation, verification, and credit issuance process. The DCS provides a more secure, tradable, valuable, efficient, and transparent carbon credit registry platform through Eco Assets Exchange. The registry integrates a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), where each credit can be inspected and it’s provenance verified back to its unique generating Project. Every credit can be monitored throughout its lifecycle, from issuance to retirement.

The DCS includes the following requirements:

  • Real, measurable, and permanent carbon reductions. Carbon credits that meet the DCS are verified to ensure that they actually reduce carbon emissions.
  • Social and environmental safeguards. The DCS requires that carbon credits do not harm people or the environment. This includes protecting human rights, avoiding deforestation, and conserving biodiversity.
  • Transparency and accountability. The DCS requires that all carbon credits be fully transparent and accountable. This means that buyers of carbon credits will know exactly where their credits come from, how they were created, where they are and what is their value at that exact moment.
  • Best Cyber Defense. The DCS uses an enterprise level DLT to create a unique and tamper-proof record of each carbon credit. This ensures that carbon credits cannot be counterfeited or double-counted.

The DCS is a significant step forward in the fight against climate change. It is the first carbon credit standard to integrate comprehensive environmental, socioeconomic, and inclusion requirements. The DCS is the most comprehensive, rigorous, secure, and traceable standard for carbon credits available today.

Join the DCS movement today and help build a more sustainable future.